Vans is now on Fashion Geek!

Vans is a classic skateboarding brand and has been giving the best to skateboarders since its start. If you skate, you must try this true original brand at least once in your life.

The Story of the Brand

In 1966, Paul and Jim Van Doren decided to open the doors of the Van Doren Rubber Company with partners. Later shorten to Vans, the brand quickly made a really good impression to skateboarders who loved the texture of the shoes and found it perfect to skate. The model “Authentic” was the first shoe of the brand and one of the first skated shoes. In 1976, Vans decides to give the skateboarders a real shoe for their passion. They got Tony Alva and Steve Peralta to design the shoe called Vans Era. The model became the shoe for an entire generation of skateboarders. They used different materials still used in their shoes today to make the shoe perfect for skateboarding. 2 years later, the brand marks skateboarding history with the famous SK8-Hi shoe.

Throughout the years Vans kept trying to give the best for the skate scene and created more and more models that each had a lot of success. The shoe that changed the view on skating was Steve Caballero’s “Half-Cab” which introduced the start of “street skateboarding”

Vans’ Importance in Skateboarding

Since the beginning of the company, skateboarders always kept interest to skate the shoes. Legends like Jason Dill or Anthony Van Engelen are still skating for the brand today and it influenced a lot of the skating industry and history. And the best part is that Vans keeps on doing the best gear and will always be in skaters’ hearts. Today, they sponsor a lot of events and do their best for good quality and style. 

In 2015, Vans released its first full-length skate video “Propeller” and again changed everything. The new skater’s and the originals came together to impress everyone. 

Vans on Fashion Week now!

The shoes will always be a good choice and you won’t regret it. So you can buy a pair now on the website Fashion Week through Skatehut.

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