Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk is a skateboarder, actor and businessman pretty much known in the entire world. He is the father of today’s skateboarding and the fame around the sport. Hawk owns Birdhouse skateboards, has video games after his name and realised the craziest tricks. He is actually the image of skateboarding for a lot of people. 

Personal History

Tony was born on May 12 1968 in California. He was an hyperactive kid with a high IQ and had too much energy to give. Skating became for him a way to release that energy and it was supported by his parents. The kid became really good and was known for his ramp skills. At 14 years old, he became professional for Powell Peralta. The Powell crew of skateboarders were famous at the time for their vert skating and are considered now as skate legends. Tony Hawk launched Birdhouse Skateboards in 1992 with his friend Per Welinder. In 1999, he makes history in skateboarding with the biggest rotation on a vert ramp. He did a 900 degrees rotation coming from the ramp to the air and broke the record. He realized two more in his life and the last one when he was 48. 

Hawk was invited by Barack Obama to skate the White House in Washington DC and once again pushed skateboarding forward. Today, he is sponsored by Lakai, Independent, Bones and Nixon. He also has a son who is a pro skater for Baker Skateboards.

Tony Hawk’s Celebrity

In 1999, a video game based on him debuted. A series of 18 different editions of “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” was released. It was the favourite game for an entire generation of gamers. Tony also appeared in several ads over the years and was an actor in a dozen of movies like Jackass or Gummo. He really commercialised skating in a good way and made it famous in the entire world.

He also created the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002 with the goal to create safe and legal skateparks all over the planet. He initiated the youtube channel “Ride” with different shows, tutorials and advices.

A Legend

Hawk is one of the most influential skateboarder to this day. He performed insane tricks and some actually made history. He’s the reason why skateboarding is open to anyone today and is the mainstay of the community. Here are a few products related to him on the website Fashion Geek through SkateHut.

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