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Music has always been a part of the skateboarding scene since the beginning. Skate videos always included music for the skaters’ parts to match their style and tricks. Therefore, it involves a diversity of genres in skate music.


Throughout the years, skate evolved along with the music. So here’s a recap of skateboarding’s periods and the skate music involved.

Skate Music in the 80s

This era was the beginning of VHS skate tapes and the start of music in video parts. Skate was a wild but popular thing at the time. It was the time of Vert skating and it made a commercial success with skaters such as Tony Hawk. Skate music was dominated by Punk music, going back to skate’s subculture origins. Some of the music was even used before the success of the band like Sonic Youth.


There was a big decrease in the popularity of skateboarding at that time. Vert skating was dead and replaced by the streets. It was the big time of large pants and small boards. New York was the place of this counter-culture and skateboarders began getting in the Hip-Hop culture. This music genre became the soundtrack of the skate videos at that time. Skate music was also a lot of Jazz and Soul due to the influential video in 1991 called “Video Days”.

Nas – Illmatic


Skating started getting popular again at the beginning of the millennium. There was also a huge evolution in the level. Skaters started doing bigger and crazier tricks down rails and stairs. Hip-Hop slowly decreased in skate music for a development of Rock. It fit the new style found back then. There was also a change in skate fashion as pants got tighter and shoes smaller.

Contemporary Skate Music

Today, more and more people start skating and it stays popular all around the world thanks to social medias. There are now very diverse styles in the skate scene and therefore a lot of different music in skate videos. There is a big number of Indie songs but also Hip-Hop, Punk,… HD videos are getting important there is actually a huge nostalgia of the 90s today. People are getting back to the old cameras like the VX1000 and clips are associated with classic bands like Joy Division or Sonic Youth. Anyway, music and style really depends on taste these days.


Skate in Music

Skate includes a lot of different artists in the videos but it also goes in the other direction. Some bands took advantage of the sport and created songs or music videos including skateboarding. Here’s a playlist Spotify on the different songs that either included skate in the texts or the music video.

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