Promotion 2 Decks for £80

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You can now buy 2 skateboard decks for £80 on a range of selected products down below. This promotion is available through the website SkateHut. It includes brands such as the following.

2 Decks for £80

Toy Machine

The international brand is available on this promotion. It includes some of their best collections and pro models from your favourite skateboarders. The American brand was created by Ed Templeton in 1993. It continues to give the skate scene more skills with impressive new skateboarders like Axel Cruysberghs. But also crazy legends like Aaron “Jaws” Homoki who pushed skateboarding with his record of 25 stairs ollie in Lyon.

Promotion on Toy Machine decks

Toy Machine decks are therefore in the promotion and it’s the best for you if you want quality and durability.

A Variety of Brands in the Promotion

You can find classic board brands such as Plan B or SK8MAFIA. Those kind of brand won’t make you upset about their quality. But don’t forget to try smaller brands and support them. Revive, Foundation, Sour or Karma Skateboards are good example of decks to try. They continue to make skating diverse in terms of style and design. 

Skateboard Cafe

The more independent brand Skateboard Cafe is also available. This board company started off from a video made in 2008 in Bristol and named the same. It then grew from small runs of products as the promo of the video to the brand we know today. It is now one of the greatest skating of the British scene thanks to its incredible team. The skateboard Cafe’s skateboarders are some of the best in England right now. That and the graphics of their products is really what makes Skateboard Cafe stand out.

Alien Workshop

The legendary brand is in the promotion too. Created in 1990, the brand released the most creative videos during the golden years of street skating. Known for its original and artistic designs, Alien Workshop continues its way in the modern skateboarding with great skateboarders like Yaje Popson

2 decks for £80 on Fashion Geek

Don’t wait too long and take advantage of this promotion. It will get you started for the beginning of the year! 

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