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Original disguises for women

With Fancy Dress World Wide you will find original women’s costumes that will triumph at any fancy dress party or bachelorette party. Whether you are looking for sexy costumes, carnival costumes or bachelorette party, we have what you are looking for. A wide selection of original costumes and costumes for women you will have a great time with. And we have costumes for women of all unimaginable themes: superheroes, Disney princesses, Star Wars, sailors, pirates, period costumes… and of course, Halloween costumes for women. Well, what are you waiting for? Girl Power!

Which women’s disguise to choose?

Let yourself be swept away in a swirl of colours and universes to find the ideal disguise for your evening. Take advantage of the best selection of adult costumes to celebrate the carnival or a special evening and make it an unforgettable moment! Make no mistake, you will remain sexy in the eyes of your lover. Fancy Dress World Wide works to modernize its disguises, always more elaborate and realistic. You will also have the opportunity to complete your woman’s disguise with a wide range of wigs, accessories and make-up palettes proposed by Rue de la fête.
To organize a party, you need guests ready to party, original decoration and to buy a unique disguise! Plan a party according to your desires where no one will regret coming! Tired of bad ideas? Impose for example a theme with a party starting with an A for disguises. If your last costume party was a success, don’t hesitate to share your feelings and photos on the forums for example.
From antiquity to our time, all women’s costumes are represented. Antique costumes are faithful reproductions, they will compose you a silhouette of divine elegance. It is the same for the disguises of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the finish is meticulous, the fabrics well are chosen, the illusion will be perfect. More modern women’s disguises combine beauty, chic and seduction. Hippie or disco outfits will awaken memories among the party audience. Women’s Halloween costumes have trendy, sexy and demonic looks.