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Under Armour


The Under Armour story begins with a T-shirt, designed to give athletes a distinct advantage. Today, thanks to this brand, athletes are rethinking the way they dress. Innovation is at the heart of its activities and its vision: to inspire you by offering you solutions to improve your performance. Solutions you could only dream of until now.
In 1996 it all started with a simple idea: to create THE t-shirt, the best! This is where the 0037 prototypes came from, the one we called “The Shorty”. It was soft, like a second skin. And, most importantly, it wickedly wicked away sweat as no other shirt had ever done before!


Under Armour launches “protect this house” and the answer was very clear: everyone signed up! Athletes all over the world started a new rallying cry! It will already become THE brand that brings together all types of sportsmen and women!

In 2005, UA has released TECH™

The brand has waged a merciless war against everyone’s favourite material: cotton. And so they presented the material that will still be its favourite today: UA TECH™. Designed to look like cotton, but to function as Under Armour decided.
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2018 – its new challenge – defying gravity!

You’ve never felt such cushioning with sneakers! Zero gravity feeling gives you energy back. Don’t let gravity slow you down. Hence the idea of creating a brand new foam and wrapping it in an energetic mesh compression net. In addition to optimally absorbing the impact, this material reflects the energy to give you height. Under Amour named it the UA HORV basketball. Because it truly offers a “zero gravity” feeling. Under Armour, 1. Gravity, 0.