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Men’s Costumes

Find the best men’s costumes for carnival, Halloween or any other theme party! Superhero, animal fun, Star Wars or your favourite series. There’s nothing more fun, daring and sexy than a man in disguise! If you take advantage of any occasion to dress up, with Fancy Dress World Wide you will find the man costume you’ve always wanted. If you need a Halloween costume for men, if you need a large size costume, or if you are simply looking for original costumes for men, you are at the right place. All the themes you’ve always wanted to disguise yourself from the most classic ones like pirates, animals or professions … to the most original and fun ones like superheroes, bad guys, movies and series like Star Wars, …  Choose your men’s costume for Carnival, Halloween or any costume party now!


Fancy Dress World Wide strives to offer you the widest possible catalogue of Halloween costumes: all you have to do is specify whether you want to look more like a vampire, a serial killer, a zombie or a ghost. Whatever your choice of man costume, you’re sure to make an impression!
Tired of the routine? Go to the United States, the land of stars and Bling Bling and relive the conquest of the West! By the way, will you side with the cowboys or the Indians?
You feel like laughing with your friends: bluff the audience with a leprechaun disguise, a hippie frill shirt if you’re in a disco mood or an exotic animal disguise.
Are you looking for a typically masculine disguise to impress the girls and that will make you stand out, in a word: virile? Go directly to the disguises of knight, Roman soldier or fireman. Bonus idea: the pirate costume, which is reminiscent of a well-known Hollywood saga?