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harry potter by EMP

Harry Potter Merchandise – Welcome to Hogwarts!

Have you always dreamed of receiving a letter brought by an owl informing you that you have been accepted to the Wizard School? Then take a look at our clothing merchandise range!
How did this magical world come about? It all began in 1997, when Joanne K. Rowling published “Harry Potter at the Wizards’ School”, the first volume of this saga. The book, initially written for a young audience, quickly gained a wider audience. In the Fashion Geek shop, you will find all the clothes from the saga that everyone loves Harry.

The franchise continues to grow

When the latest movie was released, fans around the world were getting ready to rest their magic wands. Fortunately, J.K. Rowling had more than one trick up her sleeve and in 2016 she published “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. In addition,  fans can show off their favourite House or colours with our Harry Potter merchandise on Fashion Geek!

Put a little magic in your life

Not everyone can get a letter of admission to Hogwarts. Luckily, the Fashion Geek online store is full of merchandise, and whether it’s Gryffindor, Serdaigle, Slytherin’s Snakepuff, or Hogwarts, there’s something for every sorcerer’s apprentice. Treat yourself to a T-shirt, a hoodie, jogging pants, a bag, earrings or a necklace.
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