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At EMP UK, we are not afraid to be different and stand out. And this approach has been successful for 30 years already, when they set up this mail-order company in Lingen, Germany, to offer alternative music fans the possibility to find merchandise from their favourite bands in an extensive catalogue.
Today, they are Europe’s largest supplier of alternative fashion and merchandise in the field of series, films, music and video games with more than 20,000 items online. Their loyal customers are also delighted to receive their catalogue in their mailboxes!
T-shirts and other gaming merchandise: From the most classic games to the latest ones!
Are you passionate about the world of video games? You’ve come to the right place! You’ll find here a lot of items related to video games: clothes, accessories, jewellery, limited edition figurines, etc.

Derivative products for your bands: Rock indoors and outdoors

” You wanted the best, you got the best ” – For you, life is music, the real one, the one played by real musicians? So listen to your favourite album and free yourself from daily stress. In the EMP UK products, you will also find on Fashion Geek the section “Music”, you will find products from all your favourite bands. Wear your new Rock T-shirt or Funky cap!
At EMP you won’t only find merchandise from your favourite bands. We can also find vinyl records, cassettes and exclusive and limited edition albums.

Fashion: the must-haves, the latest trends and alternative clothing

You’ll also find basics, gothic style clothing, rockabilly style clothing, streetwear, rock-style clothing and clothing featuring video games and bands.
Women will find retro dresses inspired by the fifties and sixties, extravagant gothic-style coats, leggings, accessories and vintage shirts. For men, you’ll find checked shirts, gothic-style coats, steampunk accessories and much more.