Nyjah Huston for Nike SB

Nyjah Huston is one of the craziest skateboarders at the moment. He won dozens of contests in the last 10 years. Every skateboarder knows him for his skills on the board and wether you like his style or not, he will always impress you in contests with the best runs. His ease and talent on the board has made him sponsored by huge brands like Element or Monster Energy Drinks. 2 years ago, he got sponsored by Nike SB and he released his first signature shoe last spring.

Here’s a small part from the interview between SOLO skate mag and Nyjah Huston in 2016. The full interview is available on their website.

Nyjah Huston Interview by Solo Mag

You were injured when the Street League was here last time, so it’s your first time in Munich. How do you like it?

I’m stoked that they’re doing another one here. After missing out on that one I was super bummed. It was the only Street League I ever missed out on and I was home, watching it on tv.

How is it to be on Nike now? With which guys do you hang out the most or do you skate the most?

It’s awesome dude im super stoked to be a part of Nike, a dream come true you know? It’s got an amazing team, really cool dudes, awesome shoes, I couldn’t be more stoked. Yeah it’s cool to hang out with all these guys and it’s an honour to be on a team with P Rod, Luan and Shane and all of this dudes. I hang out with Shane a lot, Ishod and yeah all the guys are really cool.

Are there any projects planed with Nike? Are you filming a part?

I actually need to start working on my video part for Element first. Element’s supposed to come out with a video I think around may next year, so I need to start filming for that cause I’ve had a couple of injuries and stuff, so I’ve been keeping it mellow. But hopefully after that something with Nike.

Nike SB “Nyjah” on Fashion Geek

Nyjah has now released an amazing skate video part for Nike SB and he continues to astonish everyone. His skate shoes and his pro model decks are available on the website Fashion Geek through SkateHut.

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    Tomorrow, Nike SB is scheduled to launch Nyjah Huston s first SB signature, the Nyjah , after Huston joined the brand in 2016. In continuing to heighten anticipation surrounding the release, Nike SB has today unleashed Nyjah s new skate part,

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