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If there is a brand out there that really expresses the true passion of skateboarding, it should be Magenta Skateboards. This french independent board company is available on Fashion Geek.

Magenta’s Story

Sourya (Soy) Panday, Vivien and Jean Feil create the brand in 2010 in the french capital, Paris. The three skateboarders had the intention to create a brand influenced by their lifestyle and surroundings. They didn’t like the direction of the skateboard community which didn’t give anything new and beautiful. This motivated them to start a creative and, more importantly, original brand. Magenta eventually became popular internationally thanks to the novelty of their skateboarding. The company also had the opportunity to collaborate with big brands such as Adidas which made it famous. 

Magenta was born in Paris and named after Soy Panday’s favourite colour. It was also the name of the street where they lived in Paris. The city influenced them in the making of the brand. It’s the spots and the looks of the capital that built their genre of skateboarding. They decided to move to Bordeaux, a city that matches the calm and creative spirit of their brand, but didn’t loose their roots. Magenta Skateboards is overall inspired by the environment and taste of the creators.

Magenta Skateboards Products

The creators give most of their efforts on the quality and originality of their products. But what makes it really great is that the whole process is filled with true skateboarders. This gives a better understanding of the boards and of what the skateboarders need. The boards are made from California’s wood and designed by Soy Panday. Magenta can be summarised by the logo which matches the brand’s goal to represent the freedom and connections of skateboarding.

Magenta on Fashion Geek

Therefore, if you want great quality skate decks and support the true spirit of skateboarding which is having fun on the board, then Magenta is for you. A few boards are available on the website Fashion Geek through SkateHut.

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