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Here are the Latest Gillette Offers for January. Hurry Up, those are only available till January 16. Up to 50% OFF!

Latest Gillette Offers on Fashion Geek

Latest Gillette Offers January 2020
33% off the Mach3 Giftset + Free Delivery 

Use code: MACH3
Expires: 16/01/2020
Latest Gillette
50% off the Starter Kits

Use code: KIT50
Expires: 16/01/2020
25% off all Gift Sets

Use code: GIFT25
Expires: 16/01/2020

How do Gillette razor subscriptions work?

Step 1

Get started with your Gillette shave club subscription by choosing your razor from our three most popular blades: our new SkinGuard Sensitive, our five-bladed Fusion5, or the Fusion5 ProGlide with innovative FlexBall technology.

Step 2

When you’ve chosen your preferred razor blades, decide when you’d like to receive your refill packs. We base the frequency of blade refill deliveries on how often you shave in a week. Every Gillette razor refill pack includes 4 blades for your chosen razor, so you’ll never run out.

After you sign up

After you place your order, you’ll receive a Gillette shave club starter kit including your chosen razor handle, two blades, a shave prep kit and a travel case for your razor. After 15 days, we’ll send out your first blade refill pack, then keep sending them to your door as often as you like. All subscribers get access to exclusives, offers and giveaways, so keep an eye out for our latest benefits! It’s easy to delay, amend or cancel your shaving subscription by visiting the ‘My Account’ section of our website.

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