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If you want to learn about the British skateboarding, Isle skateboards is the gateway to this different, creative and new style of skating. You can discover the brand and buy some of Isle Decks on Fashion Geek.

What is Isle?

Isle Skateboards

Isle Decks is the brand of two pillars of British skating, Nick Jensen and Paul Shier. after they left the company Blueprint, they decided to create a brand in 2013. They started focusing on quality and paying more attention to details. The unique style of the brand was given by Nick Jensen and his art. He considers skating similar to art for its originality and excitement. He is giving a lot of time on the graphic designs for the brand and keeps it outstanding. The brand also collaborates with artists (such as Phil Root or Oliver Laric) to make skateboard decks or clothing. In 2018, the brand is already considered as one of the classics and still draws everyone’s attention thanks to the atmosphere it is creating.

The Team

The brand includes some of the most talented skateboarders right now ; Tom Knox, Sylvain Tognelli or Mike Arnold. They mix style and impressive tricks to create beautiful skating. They created videos such as the brand’s first full-length in 2015 : “Vase” by Jacob Harris. The video has been awarded in Europe and USA for its incredible style and British feel.

The Isle team and associates also started a series of videos on Thrasher Magazine called “Atlantic Drift” which created a totally new view on skating. So it’s about time you try out Isle Decks.

Isle Skatboards on Fashion Geek

Isle is one of the best skate brands for the moment and is now available on our website through SkateHut with the best prices and a variety of decks from the latest collections.

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