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There are a lot of skateboard companies these days but Flip Skateboards continues to be an original and inspiring brand these days. Here’s a little history about the brand which is available on the website.

History of Flip Skateboards

Flip is an international skate company in the United States and it produces skate hardware goods and clothing. The brand is originally from the Inited Kingdom and was managed by Jeremy Fox and Geoff Rowley. It was called DeathBox until Rowley, Fox and Ian Deacon decided to move to the US. They were then joined by the team riders Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg and Andy Scott in California. The team was complete out there but the brand didn’t “boom” like they wanted. The skaters were out in the streets most of the time there and started filming. The brand eventually grew in the country and got more popular. They received support from Toy Machine thanks to Ed Templeton. Flip settled in the US but they never forgot their British roots. In the 2000s, they made a big impression with their series of videos. “Sorry” (2002), “Very Sorry” (2003) and “Extremely Sorry” (2009) were a huge influence on skateboarders at that time.

The Team

Flip is known for the incredible skateboarders in the team. Along the legends, there are young talents that have a lot of tricks in their bags. One of them is Luan Oliveira and he is dominating the skateboard game right now. He won the Street League and other contests and also films for great video parts. He impresses everyone with his crazy style and tricks. The team is globally very varied. Since the video “Flip 3” in 2014, Alec Majors, Curren Caples and Louie Lopez turned pro for the company. Lopez is one of the best skateboarders right now and was in the selection of SOTY 2017 and had an amazing part in the Converse video “Purple”. These skaters keep the brand fresh but it’s still a legendary board company.

Flip Skateboards on Fashion Geek

Flip stays true to skateboarding with great skateboarding and also great products. The quality, prices and designs are perfect for skating. The decks are made with good wood and some of them have the P2 technology which give more durability and more “pop”. If you want to try those, boards are available on Fashion Geek through the website SkateHut.

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