Element’s “Future Nature” Collection is available on Fashion Geek

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The collection “Future Nature” of 2 decks by Element Skateboards is available on the website Fashion Geek through SkateHut. The collection is named after the brand’s video in 2012 with now pro skateboarders like Madars Apse or Evan Smith.

Definition of the Brand

Element was created in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff. The goal is to bring progress through art and design in the most ethical and honest way possible.


The founder started skateboarding at 4 and spend his youth surrounded by nature and his skateboard under his feet. After complicated times, he found pleasure to create from his passion of skating. He created a small company in Atlanta called “Underworld Element” inspired from Hip Hop and the mix of styles found in the urban culture he knew. This gave a controversial and raw vibe to the brand. The company was based on art, music and design but faced many difficulties and eventually collapsed.

Johnny Schillereff decided to move forward and erased a word from his previous company to create something with a different meaning to him. He then created the iconic logo and Element was born through his hard work and dedication.

The founder developed his idea of a project against the industry and since then, he wants to make a positive difference with the brand. Element respects its roots and tries to guide people to the respect of the world and make it a better place. This is done with good quality products, events sponsoring and actions and different countries.

The Team

The brand also has a great influence on the skate scene and extends it with great skills from the sponsored skateboarders. Phil Zwijsen or Jarne Verbruggen are good example of the vibe Element is giving.

“Future Nature” Collection is Available

Element has always been a brand with positive and generous intentions and actions for the environment. The collection of decks “Future Nature” is an example of Element’s care for our world and it’s the kind of brand we need to support. So be quick, there are only a few boards left!

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