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Latest Gillette Offers

ROMAN CENTURION (M) (dress w/armour wristbands cape hat)  at Fancy Dress Worldwide UK image

Here are the Latest Gillette Offers for January. Hurry Up, those are only available till January 16. Up to 50% OFF! Latest Gillette Offers on Fashion Geek 33% off the Mach3 Giftset + Free Delivery Use code: MACH3Expires: 16/01/2020 50% off the Starter KitsUse code: KIT50Expires: 16/01/2020 25% off all Gift Sets Use code: GIFT25Expires: 16/01/2020 How do Gillette […]

Magenta Skateboards on Fashion Geek

Authentic Looking Poncho  at Fancy Dress Worldwide UK image

If there is a brand out there that really expresses the true passion of skateboarding, it should be Magenta Skateboards. This french independent board company is available on Fashion Geek. Magenta’s Story Sourya (Soy) Panday, Vivien and Jean Feil create the brand in 2010 in the french capital, Paris. The three skateboarders had the intention […]

Tony Hawk

Deck of Cards Girl Costume  at Fancy Dress Worldwide UK image

Tony Hawk is a skateboarder, actor and businessman pretty much known in the entire world. He is the father of today’s skateboarding and the fame around the sport. Hawk owns Birdhouse skateboards, has video games after his name and realised the craziest tricks. He is actually the image of skateboarding for a lot of people.  […]

Element’s “Future Nature” Collection is available on Fashion Geek

Pc. Child costume Police officer (10-12 years)  at Fancy Dress Worldwide UK image

The collection “Future Nature” of 2 decks by Element Skateboards is available on the website Fashion Geek through SkateHut. The collection is named after the brand’s video in 2012 with now pro skateboarders like Madars Apse or Evan Smith. Definition of the Brand Element was created in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff. The goal is to […]